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Overlander Vehicles – Equestrian Transport Innovation

Overlander Vehicles are redefining the equestrian transport industry’s standards.

About Overlander Vehicles

Overlander Vehicles is a leading manufacturer of specialist vehicles with an unrelenting drive to design and build a new standard of equestrian, commercial and leisure transport.

R&D Activity

Overlander wanted to redesign and build a horsebox like no other, below is just one of its R&D projects they undertook during this process:

Sterile Cleaning Mechanism for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Advancement in Science or Technology: Overlander Vehicles wanted to develop a new 2-stall equestrian transporter. However, unlike the legacy products and industry standards, they didn’t want a box structure that was attached to a vehicle chassis with mounting points. Over time, forces would weaken these points and impact the rigidity of the structure. Instead, Overlander wanted to develop a box that was integrated into the chassis, which also meant they would need to rethink their panel material.

Uncertainty: Overlander was unsure what material would be lightweight and yet strong enough for the panels so they could withstand knocks and kicks from horses. They also needed to discover a way to form the structure without any sharp edges and build it onto a vehicle chassis.

Solution: After establishing various prototypes, Overlander began investigating a new panel material and discovered Ferroplast, which was energy efficient thermally, hygienic, age-resistant and easy to repair. Following testing, they also found it provided a significant improvement in the weight to strength ratio and was extremely versatile. After early prototypes, testing, modelling and detailing they had formed a robust new design.

Working With Amplifi Solutions

Allan McBurney, General Manager, Overlander Vehicles, “Working with the team at Amplifi Solutions was a pleasure and ultimately they made the process very straightforward. Understanding what is involved has allowed our business to look to the future and continue to undertake serious R&D projects.”

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