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McCue Fit – Innovative Fit-Out

McCue Fit, long time clients of Amplifi Solutions, prove that not all businesses actively try to be innovative, but are unconsciously being so in their everyday work.

About McCue Fit

McCue Fit is an award-winning project management, fit-out and specialist joinery company with over 65 years’ experience in the industry.

Gary Purdy, Managing Director, McCue Fit, “Everything we do is bespoke, we are not creating new products or developing things on production lines, we are doing different things every day. It is only when we look back on a project to see what we did to make it happen, that we fully realise the R&D that went into it.”

R&D Activity

McCue Fit are constantly developing custom solutions for their clients’ designs and visions, below are just some of their successful R&D projects:

Bespoke Bar and Bar Canopy

Advancement in Science or Technology: For a new London restaurant, designers had envisioned a free-standing oval-shaped bar in the middle of the restaurant floor, with a similarly shaped overhead canopy. It would be a self-supporting structure with a stone countertop, and a glass-like, green oak timber cladding.

Uncertainty: McCue were unsure how to create a sturdy free-standing unit to support the stone bar, with glass-like timber batons and a lightweight canopy. They also were uncertain how to fabricate a series of curved moulds needed for the design.

Outcome: After various tests, samples, moulds and fabrications McCue created a unit to meet all the designer’s plans.

Digital Totem

Advancement in Science or Technology: A client wanted a six-metre tall, self-supporting digital totem constructed in MDF and clad in Corian. The two sections of the structure weighed a quarter of a tonne each and needed to be constructed inside a building.

Uncertainty: McCue had to discover how to keep the structure weight low, attach TV panels and accessible AV controls, plus route electricity to it. They also had to create an internal framework to support the top, find a way to secure the structure to the floor and prevent it from swaying.

Outcome: After designs, calculations and significant trial and error they successfully met all the challenges.

Bespoke Timber Finishing for 5 Star Hotel

Advancement in Science or Technology: The architects of a 5-star hotel asked McCue to fully construct two of their suite designs off-site to ensure they meet specifications.

Uncertainty: The key challenge was the bespoke joinery finishes required on the dyed double-sided veneer panelling, which had to have matching dyed hardwood edges, inserts and no visible fixings.

Outcome: After much trial and error, McCue replicated the suites to the designer’s satisfaction, creating a consistent and repeatable technique to dye match the veneer and hardwood, and a delicate tongue and groove fixing process.

Working With Amplifi Solutions

Gary Purdy,“We set our business up to win jobs and develop the best solutions for the conundrums our clients set out for us, but we didn’t realise how much R&D attributed to this. It was only after speaking to the Amplifi Team for the first time that I developed an understanding of exactly what R&D we were doing and it has been a very beneficial learning experience for us.”

R&D Tax Credits Impact on McCue Fit

Gary Purdy, “Our corporation tax is being reduced based thanks to the incentive, which is a great financial benefit to the business.”

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