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Long-standing clients MIM NI show how innovation can occur on an industrial level.

About MIM NI

Mechanical Installations & Maintenance (NI) Ltd (MIM NI) specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of industrial plant and machinery.  Since incorporation in 1994, the company have managed to develop an unrivalled reputation for the quality of service and relentless dedication for complete customer satisfaction.

R&D Activity

MIM NI create a huge variety of bespoke engineering solutions, below are just two of their R&D projects:

Sterile Cleaning Mechanism for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Advancement in Science or Technology: A healthcare packaging company needed a cleaning mechanism for 14 large pharmaceutical automatic packaging machines. The company was placing a sterile coating on their plastic packaging web and film, but dust and particles were still contaminating it. MIM NI needed to develop a web cleaning roller system for the various shapes and sizes of machines. The web would have to be redirected to the cleaning rollers, which needed bespoke bracket fittings.

Uncertainty: MIMI NI were unsure if the machines could support a cleaning mechanism, how to fit them or if there was enough space for them.  They also questioned if a universal bracket could be developed.

Solution: Through trial, error and fine-tuning, they successfully developed and attached cleaning roller mechanisms to all the machines, which greatly improved the packing process.

Bespoke Plant Room Structure for a Data Centre

Advancement in Science or Technology: A data centre needed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure continued operation in the event of a power failure. MIM NI had to discover a way to develop an outside bespoke strong steel plant room enclosure within a 3.2m space between two buildings. It also needed a robust structural support framework that would suspend it off the ground and allow services to enter and exit from below. It had to be accessible for maintenance and secured and protected from corrosion.

Uncertainty: MIM NI was unsure what gauge of steel would be strong enough to support a plant room and not overload the support structure. They didn’t know if they could modify an existing platform or had to create a custom build. They also didn’t know how high off the ground to make it and how to secure it.

Solution: MIM NI initially considered and tested adapting shipping containers, although they were unsuitable they learned from the development and created a successful custom build.

Working With Amplifi Solutions

John Deery, Managing Directory, MIM NI, “Initially we were a little wary of the scheme, but after meeting Amplifi’s team face-to-face and completing a claim, we realised their expertise and have developed a good relationship with them. I now enjoy the hour it takes to sit down with their engineer and reflect on our R&D projects and the progress we have made over the year.”

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