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FM Environmental Ltd. – proving innovation can grow from many factors including new environmental legislation.

About FM Environmental Ltd.

The FM Environmental Group, incorporating its Malta and New York Sales offices, is one of Ireland’s longest established water and wastewater engineering companies.  Headquartered in Newry, Northern Ireland, FM Environmental exports its products and services worldwide.

R&D Activity

FM Environmental is constantly evolving its technologies to suit the diverse and demanding international marketplace, below is just one of its R&D projects:

Development of a Large Volume Grease Trap for The European Market

Advancement in Science or Technology: Large scale hotels, particularly in Europe and the Middle East, previously pumped all their greasy water into the basement and out into the sewage system, but this was causing blockages. Therefore, new legislation was introduced to make the hotels trap and environmentally dispose of the grease. FM Environmental wanted to create and integrate a grease trap technology into the current pumping systems that would be capable of handling thousands of litres of water. They also needed to provide a suitable pump, probe, viewing window and design an automated cleaning system.

Uncertainty: FM Environmental was unsure what sizes to make the tanks and what material to make them out of. They didn’t know how to isolate the grease and filter out the water, how often to pump the grease out, where the jets should be placed for automated cleaning or how to test such a large tank.

Solution: After a significant amount of research FM Environmental are currently constructing a prototype of their design for testing.

Working With Amplifi Solutions

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Director, FM Environmental “We’ve trusted Amplifi with our R&D claim for many years and thanks to their support and reporting system advice we’ve also improved how we track our projects R&D costs.”

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