Food & Beverage R&D

Food & Beverage R&D Tax Credits

The UK food & beverage industry in the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, and SMEs account for 98% of it according to the FDF.

Being innovative with the products and how they are produced ensures businesses within this sector remain competitive locally and globally, and they meet government legislations.

Food & beverage R&D tax credit qualifying projects could include creating new varieties or flavours, it could involve changing products to improve shelf-life, meet new trends or industry regulations (e.g. less sugar), while innovative manufacturing improvements could reduce costs and waste.

R&D tax credits can offer food & beverage businesses an additional tax deduction of up to 130% (SME example) off all qualifying innovation spend (changing to 86% on all expenditure on or after the 1st April 2023 (View R&D tax credit changes)).